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It's a competitive world where globalization creates an environment where products and services are often equal in quality. Thus, design is seen as the critical advantage for everything — the spark that differentiates you from the crowd. For a design to be successful, it must be stimulating and create a strong emotional response. But even more important, it must be practical in getting across your message and soliciting the desired outcome. This is achieved with a carefully researched attack that can utilize form, color, typography, image and sound across a wide variety of media. So, design is more than attractive imagery — it's a hard-working problem solver. Design makes a huge difference in how your product or service is perceived by an audience and can ultimately determine failure or victory. Bold statements? Yes. But after working in this industry for more than 20 years, I know it's true.

I feel that a studio structure is the most efficient way to provide the best design product for a reasonable cost. A studio structure allows the use of clear, frequent communication within a planned schedule of "production events." The client and designer form a partnership that can generate innovative results without high amounts of stress. My clients are seen as partners on an exciting expedition — one filled with intrigue, discovery and opportunity. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

David Landis, President/Manager

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