Branding / Logos

A Relationship Between Your Company and Your Customers or Audience

Identities, logos and brands. If you're a business owner, you know you need them, but how do they work? How are they made effective? First, you must understand that these words do not describe the same thing.

An identity (or logo) can be the most important design element you will ever select for your business. It should be powerful, beautiful and eye-catching. But even more important, it must have the ability to adapt to a variety of sizes and easily translate across all materials in which it may be displayed. Equally important is the ability for an identity to remain effective over the course of years or decades without becoming dated.

The development of a brand, however, is more than the selection of a shiny new logo. A brand is a relationship between your company and your customers or audience. It can include anything from a catchy tag line or a thoughtful ad campaign, to the color of your lobby or customer appreciation events. A unique brand can create a wealth of opportunities — from boosting morale to boosting the bottom line.

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