Brochures / Folders

Navigating a One-of-a-kind Layout

It is no accident that a successful design has the ability to pull a reader's eye around a document. Font usage, graphic design and the stunning power of "white space" are all parts of this visual puzzle. In addition, the technology of getting ink on paper is a fascinating science in itself. From paper selection, to ink mixture, and even the use of matte or glossy coatings — tactile choices such as these can add another layer possibilities for effective communication.

When creating a design for a brochure, folder, or mail piece, you are often dealing with unique sizes, shapes, and numbers of panels. You're not only trying to make sure your reader understands the message you are trying to convey, but you're also coaching them through the process of navigating a physical document at the same time.

Sometimes a design looks absolutely stunning as a single flat page, but falls apart when you then start to fold it into a different shape. Getting the details just right is critical.

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