Character Design


Sometimes Discovering the Heart of a Brand can also be like Making a New Best Friend

Characters and mascots have their own special job to do when used for advertising or marketing. Perhaps they are illustrated designs, or costumed mascots (and of course they have to look interesting and eye-catching), but more than that, they have to create lasting and meaningful relationships between a brand and the audience through smart thinking and meaningful communication.

Some of the most iconic brands in advertising are built around character design. The Jolly Green Giant, Ronald MacDonald, Tony the Tiger, M&M's candies, Google's Android... the list goes on and on. In fact, entire industries (video games, theme parks, etc.) are built entirely around iconic characters!

The use of these mascots, spokes-creatures, brand personalities as advertising characters in marketing campaigns is a widespread practice. Those that have the opportunity to use them know the creative addition of a character will be beneficial to brand recognizability and audience appeal. A Synthesio report in 2013 found that a brand mascot adds 30% to brand volume on social media. Advertising Age says mascots are, "brands' best social-media accessories."

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