Email / Social Marketing

Escaping the almighty DELETE button

Designing for email or social marketing in an interesting challenge. Often, an artist has to their design through a portal of some sort (be it Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and herein lies the problem. If you choose to use these services, and their "easy-to-use" templates, you can create a pleasing design, but will you stand out from the hundreds or thousands of other businesses using those same templates? Probably not. Internet audiences can grow tired of these stale "template" looks, and more often than not, automatically click the DELETE button before even processing the content inside it.

Landis Productions specializes in working within these portals, using the templates as a starting point, but re-designing them to create a truly unique look that that will be more eye-catching.

Landis Productions also has an understanding of the details of social networking: not only what are effective messages to post on social networks, but also WHEN and HOW to post it. Did you know that the method of posting (shared link vs. shared photo vs. text only message) can actually change the number of views that message will receive on social platforms like Facebook? And when it comes to email marketing, your message lives or dies by the subject line. I've spent the past 5 years learning the secrets and I look forward to putting the power of social networking and email marketing to work for you.

Do you need help with email or social networking? Send a project description to the Landis Productions studio and receive a price quote within 24 hours.

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