Kickstarter Campaigns / Crowdfunding

Planning to Kick Off a Crowdfunding Campaign? There are 3 Things You Need to Know First.

Landis Productions has personally launched and fulfilled two successful Kickstarter campaigns, raising nearly $25,000 in the process. It all started with a dream of illustrating an octopus into a 3-D paper craft sculpture and turned into two printed books that have been sold all over the world. That scenario is just the sort of thing that crowdfunding platforms (like Kickstarter and Indiegogo) are built for.

Exciting stuff, right? Yes, it certainly can be. But at the same time, running a successful crowdfunding campaign is a lot of hard work. While around 43% of campaigns are successful, that also means that over half of them fail.

Landis Productions can help you unlock the mysteries of setting up your campaign, critical procedures to follow while your campaign is running, and helpful tips to organize yourself for success and fulfillment. I can serve as a consultant, or a campaign architect, or something in-between. And my first piece of advice is something you can start doing right now — so just ask.

Do you need help with a crowdfunding campaign? Send a project description to the Landis Productions studio and receive a price quote within 24 hours.

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