Magazines, Annual Reports, Journals, and Trade Show Programs

Over Two Decades of Magazine Design Experience

If you're searching for a vendor of magazine-style graphic design, you've certainly come to the right place. With over two decades of experience — specifically creating pre-press designs of magazines, annual reports, newsletters, journals, and conference programs — Landis Productions is the perfect choice as your vendor.

Landis Productions has worked with a variety of clients when performing pre-press design/layout and has proven that geography is no longer a barrier in production. For example, I currently work with Catalina Yachts to produce their Catalina owners magazine. This quarterly publication (named Catalina Mainsheet) averages 100-pages in length and contains feature articles, officer comments and a pre-drilled and removable section of technical notes. But what makes this production cycle truly unique is the fact that the pre-press production is performed in Richmond — while the editors reside in Georgia, Catalina Yachts is located in Florida, each issue is printed in Canada, and editorial content is provided from 46 editors from around the globe. This style of production would not be possible without an expert and precise PDF workflow. And, in addition to eliminating geographic distances, it speeds production and allows for last-minute changes.

Whether creating a 12-page newsletter or a 100-page glossy magazine, Landis Productions will always infuse years of appreciation of this tangible form of communication into eye-popping design solutions.

Do you need help with magazine layout? Send a project description to the Landis Productions studio and receive a price quote within 24 hours.

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