Package Design

Delivering Consumer Delight

Packaging is more than design wrapped around a three-dimensional shape. Of course, a successful packaging solution must have the right aesthetic. (Without it your product cannot catch the consumer’s eye on a crowded shelf.) But even more important is a solution that will communicate the story of your brand on an emotional level — thus delivering consumer delight, loyalty and a sense that your product is made just for them. How is this achieved? Take a peek at a few Landis favorite packaging solutions to see for yourself.

Landis Productions also has the ability to create packaging "virtual snapshots" to help a client pre-visualize what the design will look like in a physical space. I feel that this step is a critical component to testing what the finished product will look like BEFORE costly package production even begins.

Do you need help with packaging? Send a project description to the Landis Productions studio and receive a price quote within 24 hours.

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