Paper Craft Engineering

A Unique Way to Deliver Fun to Your Audience

Paper craft and paper toys are HOT. I've been working in advertising for 20 years and I'm amazed at the potential of this easy-to-distribute and eye-catching promotion tool.

Are you trying to promote a movie, television show, entertainment event, book or video game? These are all obvious choices for paper toys as a promotion solution. Or are you hoping to promote some other type of product, good or service? Ask me how paper craft can be the unique vehicle to generate buzz and excitement.

Landis Productions has developed a unique method of engineering your unique characters or your brand logo into a three-dimensional paper craft that requires no glue, no tape, no knives to build — just scissors and about 15 minutes of free time. I call these paper craft sculptures “Desktop Gremlins” and I have created them for companies like Google, Discovery Kids, Bandai/Namco, and ZeptoLab (the makers of Cut the Rope).

What makes the trademark Desktop Gremlins paper craft building motif such a great choice for promoting your product or service is its ability to maintain the integrity of your creative assets. The model gains a 3-d shape without distorting your images or your brand. My style of paper craft design is age-appropriate for a large demographic from young children (ages 8 and up) to adults.

Put the power of paper craft to work in your promotion, advertising, or social networking campaigns.

Do you need help with paper craft promotions? Send a project description to the Landis Productions studio and receive a price quote within 24 hours.

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