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Packaging is more than design wrapped around a three-dimensional shape. Of course, a successful packaging solution must have the right aesthetic. (Without it your product cannot catch the consumer’s eye on a crowded shelf.) But even more important is a solution that will communicate the story of your brand on an emotional level — thus delivering consumer delight, loyalty and a sense that your product is made just for them.

Virginia College Savings Plan Ad by Landis Productions
Virginia College Savings Plan Ad by Landis Productions

“Landis’ designs and creative concepts have contributed significantly to the incredible success of our state’s prepaid and savings programs. Any organization that has the opportunity to work with Landis Productions will realize very quickly that his engagement was a smart decision.”

Diana Cantor, Past Executive Director
Virginia College Savings Plan

Catalina Mainsheet Magazine design by Landis Productions
Westin Carnevale Postcard design by Landis Productions

From the design of business cards and direct mail to the layout magazines and books, Landis Productions has the experience needed to ensure your project gets noticed.

Papercuttables Scholatic Book by David Landis, Landis Productions
Desktop Gremlins Book by Landis Productions
Pepperoni Palm Tree Book Layout by Landis Productions
Renewable Fuels Association Ad by Landis Productions
Pebble Partnership Ad Design by Landis Productions
The Switch Juice Cans package design by Landis Productions