On a planet full of noise, effective design has become the critical advantage.

I’m David Landis—a graphic artist, brand architect, and Scholastic author with 30 years of experience.

And I’m here to help.

Engaging Advertising Campaigns

Virginia College Savings Plan Advertising Campaign by Landis Productions

“Landis’ designs and creative concepts have contributed significantly to the incredible success of our state’s prepaid and savings programs. Any organization that has the opportunity to work with Landis Productions will realize very quickly that his engagement was a smart decision.”

–Diana Cantor, Past Executive Director, Virginia College Savings Plan

Farmers Bank 100 Years Strong Ad Campaign by Landis Productions
Pebble Partnership Ad Design by Landis Productions
Renewable Fuels Association Ad by Landis Productions

Packaging that Pops

Star Wars Clone Wars DVD Package Design by Landis Productions

“Working with Landis Productions is like having my own in-house creative team. Simply stated, Landis Productions has turned modest ideas into extraordinary projects. Landis is always in sync with the needs of the customer, while creating the right balance between creativity and ingenuity.”

–Tracey G. Jeter, President, VMSDC

Piancone Epicureo Mineral Water Labels by Landis Productions
Remy Martin Package Design by Landis Productions
Hershey's Limited Packaging by Landis Productions

Page-turning Publications

Catalina Mainsheet Magazine Design by Landis Productions

“Landis Productions has been providing quality creative design of our quarterly publication for over 20 years. What really impresses me is his ability to balance the technical precision required for our large-scale project with exciting design solutions.”

–James Holder, Editor, Catalina Mainsheet Magazine

Virginia Fire And Rescue Conference Magazine by Landis Productions
MoonPunks Book Cover Design by Landis Productions
KLEOS Magazine Design by Landis Productions
Pepperoni Palm Tree Book Layout by Landis Productions

Distinctive Digital Design

“Our company as well as our clients were able to achieve just the right look and expression with rich media content from Landis Productions. His proactive and time critical approach to business, precision, and design detail is the best I’ve seen in the industry.”

–Nick Harris, VizSoft

Michelle Malkin Investigates Television Graphics by Landis Productions
Westbrook Outlets Instragram Promo by Landis Productions
Make A Wish Social Promo by Landis Productions
New Horizon Bank Online Contest Promotion by Landis Productions

Eye-catching Logos and Brands

“Landis Productions creates work that WORKS because of the exceptional quality, creativity, and understanding of business that is infused in all his projects. I have never been disappointed, and always surprised. Landis produces work with an artistic flair that gives any project a marketing advantage.”

–Leslie Strickler, President/Manager, Etre Communications

Renewable Fuels Association Logo by Landis Productions
Perfectly Southern Fresh Fried Chicken Logo by Landis Productions
Laser Biotech Logo by Landis Productions
Deli Day Logo by Landis Productions
The Pebble Partnership Logo by Landis Productions

Professional Papercraft

Papercuttables book by Landis Productions

With the invention of a brand new style of crafting, “David Landis [has become] the Picasso of paper craft. His work turns any desktop into a cornucopia of creativity.”

–Bob Boyle, Creator of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and Yin Yang Yo!

Pac Man Papercraft by Landis Productions

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